Meet the 22-year Old Forex Trading Expert Running a Multi-million Shilling Empire

May 7, 2020

Sean Macharia may be a mathematical genius, but make no mistake, he cannot tell the difference between letter ‘G’ and ‘J’ and can only tell it when it’s written down for him.

Meet the dashing 22-year old Daystar University graduate with a deep passion for forex trading, numbers, online currency, money market and everything currency.

Sean is not just a computer genius – He’s also a thoroughbred forex trading guru who, at only 22, is now, probably, Kenya’s youngest General Manager of a company worth millions of dollars.

Sean is the GM of 51 Capital, Kenya’s – and East Africa’s – leading Forex Trading company with two deluxe offices in Nairobi, one in Eldoret and another one in the glitzy city of Port Louis in Mauritius.

His foray into the complex world of forex trading was by a fluke.

‘I joined by master luck. Last year, while potential forex traders were submitting essays to the folks in Mauritius, for the Project U and I, I was unable to do an essay given my inability to read and lack of writing passion. I could not submit an essay like the rest of the hopefuls. So I submitted my past forex trading history. And, just like that, I was able to knock off people with exemplary essays with just my trading history. I impressed the team in Mauritius but there was a problem – there was no 51 Capital in Kenya’ Sean says.

Sean started forex trading immediately after high school, while only 18.

‘I gave my parents hell. Forex trading requires you’re at the machine 24/7. I was at my laptop all day, all night. My parents were losing their minds…’

Sean’s impressive submission to 51 Capital in Mauritius was what led to his meeting with Forex trading guru Joe Kariuki, also one of the head honchos at 51 Capital and the biggest shareholder.

‘I met Joe looking like shit. I showed up for my interview with Joe wearing a short, shoddy t-shirt and crocs. Joe saw me and immediately asked,’ do you want food? ‘, says the jolly forex aficionado.

Sean moved from a dishevelled, messy and hungry forex trading whizz to the suave General Manger of Kenya’s 51 Capital within a matter of six months!

‘Let me tell you one thing he forgot to say, when he came here, I fired him before I hired him,’ Joe Kariuki says as Sean smiles sheepishly at his fancy seat.

Sean would later be re-hired after Joe realized that the flaky boy may have been a genius after all.

‘When I joined the company, we were around four employees only. Now we are over forty – everyone, from the offices here in Nairobi, Eldoret, India and Mauritius,’ Sean proudly says.

Soon after joining 51 Capital, the boy from Daystar would soon work his way to the top at the speed of light, enduring long, arduous nights, short sleeps and tideous computer hours to be confirmed as the new General Manager of the company in February 2020.

‘I’m living a dream few 22-year olds could ever imagine off. I sit in this large office, this fancy marble office, and I cannot believe my luck. But I’ve pushed for this, I’ve worked for this and I’ve done enough forex trading hours to earn this, now let’s get the millions, ‘ a beaming Sean says as he sits back in his comfy leather chair.

Hail the new Chief!

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