Lawyer Says Idris Sultan Was Arrested For Laughing At An Old Picture Of President Magufuli

May 22, 2020

Apparently, Tanzanian comedian and actor Idris Sultan was arrested for laughing at an old picture of President John Magufuli.

This is according to his lawyer, Benedict Ishabakaki, who on Thursday said his client was questioned over a video clip in which he is laughing at a TBT photo President Magufuli dressed in an oversized suit.

Ishabakaki said detectives have been questioning the actor for the past two days as they await to arraign him in court.

“Hawajamwambia mpaka sasa kama amevunja kifungu chochote cha sheria…lakini mwenendo wao wa maswali ni kuhusiana na ile video,” the defence counsel told BBC.

Ishabakaki also revealed that detectives raided Idris Sultan’s house on Wednesday night in search of more evidence before they prosecute him.

The Big Brother Africa 2014 winner surrendered to the police on Tuesday and is being held at Oysterbay Police station in Dar es Salaam.

His lawyer said they are hopeful that Idris will be released on bail.

“Tunataraji anaweza kuachiwa kwa dhamana hii leo…masharti tuliyopewa ni awe na wadhamini wawili wanaotambuliwa na serikali ya mtaa,” Mr Ishabakaki said.

The funnyman also got in trouble with the law last October for photo-shopping President John Pombe Magufuli and swapping his face with that of the president.

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