Fisi Alert! Mike Sonko’s Comments on Tanasha’s PHOTOS Excite Netizens

May 22, 2020

It appears Mike Sonko has a particular liking for Tanasha Donna. This is according to social media users who teased the Nairobi governor after he left telling comments on pictures of the songbird.

Ms Donna on Wednesday posted on Instagram two photos, dressed in a chic all-blue outfit, that caught the eye of the Nairobi city boss.

On one photo, Sonko dropped a Bomb emoji(? ), perhaps an indicator that Tanasha had blown his mind or his world apart.

In the second picture, the governor left a Hundred Points emoji(?), perhaps an indicator that Tanasha gets a perfect score in his fisi marking scheme.

Naturally, the ever-excitable Kenyans on social media jumped on the opportunity to make light of Sonko’s Instagram activity on Tanasha’s profile.

When the teasing got too much, the governor wrote: “Manze acheni mbaya mbaya..”

In the second post, ‘Sonko Mahennessy’ defended himself saying he likes music. “Hata mi pia huskiza mziki bana acheni za ovyo ?”

Here are the photos that made Sonko risk it all and some of the wild reactions from netizens:

mustapha_ibrahim_hussein: @mike.sonko hyo bomb ni ya nini bro ?
alicaldashiku: “@mike.sonko mheshimiwa kumbe ata wewe uko hapa,she is truly a bomb ❤️”
sammy_a.k.a: @mike.sonko na utambi yako utawazena na hii mali kweli bazuu
fei_djar: @mike.sonko I was alive when this happened?”
6ix9ine_africa: “@mike.sonko governor acha tamaa toka apa????”
ronie_macha254: “I think hii account ilihakiwa ? nimeona ame comment kwa bahati mpka nikashtuka?? ana comment kila mahali??”
julietwairimu: @mike.sonko team mafisi nakuona??”
mamajastoyulemcute: @mike.sonko governor tulia”
sejo_hosee: @mike.sonko account inauzwa ama imeibiwa ???? Huyu si mweshimiwa”
emily__mwangi: @mike.sonko tunakuonea 18????”
njoki1520: @mike.sonko ???lazima uskizee here”
aleskmbuvy: @mike.sonko ??? hii ni pic si mziki”
stan_juma: “Represent us well Kafana @mike.sonko ?”
mangaremantix: @mike.sonko mheshimiwa Chunga kunyonga monkey instagram ina wenyewe.”

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