3 Things You Should NEVER Do in Poker

May 29, 2020

Poker is a game that makes you socialize with other players. While it is more of a gambling game and not a sport, there are still “table manners” and basic etiquette that is expected of anyone who would sit at the table and play a game with other players.

These basic table manners and game etiquette apply not only to players from Kenya but to everyone, too. With that in mind, here are the top three things you should never do in a poker game.

Doing “angle shooting”

“Angel shooting” refers to the efforts of someone just to try and snoop on the cards of the opponent. There are many ways and techniques that people use to do this. Some take advantage of a situation on the table where a player might lose focus away from his cards. Others simply find an angle where they can take a peek of even the tiniest clue as to the hand of other players.

No matter how it is done, one thing is still the same angle: shooting is not only unprofessional, it is also unethical and ruins the game for other players. Some people even consider it as a form of cheating, since it is technically trying to see the hand of other players.

Showing your hand to other people

Not only is this seen as a “noob” move, but this is also technically a violation of poker rules.  Not only that, but it risks ruining the whole game for other players, too.

Imagine this scene. Since you are playing with your friend, you showed him your hand. IT may be a good one or a bad one, but your friend then reacts in a way that gave away information to other players. His actions and decisions can also influence others now. It is rarely a good thing for you, but most of the time, it only leads to bad things, and eventually, you end up losing instead of winning.

Arguing with the dealer

This particular thing applies to land-based casino gaming only. Unfortunately, there is no dealer you can argue with when you play in an online casino. On the other hand, arguing with a dealer on a live online casino would only lead to your embarrassment, not to mention that you will look stupid doing it.

For players in a land-based casino, arguing with the dealer of the game not only is a rude thing to do, but it can compromise your entire playing experience as well. You can get fined for it and much worse, you can even get kicked out of the casino premises for being rude to the dealer.

So, even if the dealer makes a mistake within the game, do not shout at them or yell at them. After all, they are human beings as well and not casino robots–they can make mistakes from time to time. Also, do not yell or curse at the dealer if you got a bad play or other players keep on getting good draws that are better than yours. It is not their fault. After all, they are only working on the cards. Even they themselves do not know what the outcome of each game would be.

Final thoughts

Playing a game of poker, as with all other games you can play in a casino, should be played with utmost professionalism and respect not only for fellow players but for the dealers and everyone at the casino as well. After all, you are there not to pick a fight, make a scene, or embarrass yourself. You are there to have fun and if you are lucky enough, win money while having at it.

So have fun, and always remember to play responsibly.

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