Best Strategies for Writing Essay Tests

May 29, 2020

An essay exam is a test that is dreaded by students; but in fairness, it can be challenging. It is designed to test the ability of students to synthesize and organize their thoughts on paper. However, students need not fear the essay exams as they can be prepared for. Here are the best strategies a student can use to write the best essay.

Follow the directions.

One of the fundamental things to do before a test is to understand the instructions provided. Without following the directions, the essay becomes inaccurate and writing it ends up being a waste of time. Instructions indicate the answers or actions the tutor wants you to take to finish the assignment.

Professional writers from EssayWritingService, therefore, shows how to analyze the essay directions given.

1. Find keywords.

The directions tend to have keywords that are commonly used to issue commands. A student will come across words like describe, outline, define, state, illustrate, summarize, apply, and list. These words provide the command a student should follow in answering the essay exam.

2. Creating an outline.

An outline is important because it acts as a checklist for instructions. By recording each instruction, a student can easily cancel out fulfilled instructions consequently making the essay accurate.

Make a plan and Budget your time

Time management is a crucial tactic of how to prepare for exams. The set time for an essay exam is deemed sufficient but with poor time management, a student can find it scarce. An outline is important in these situations as you can visually measure your progress against the time.

An outline will make it easy to organize your work by assigning a time frame to different topics depending on their importance. By budgeting your time, you have control of your essay and the issues that need discussing.

It also allows a student to carve out some time to revise and polish their essay by getting rid of grammatical and punctuation errors.

Concentrate and don’t waste any second

Concentration is a basic skill but is among the best-timed writing tips for a student. As mentioned before, the essay examination is timed and it is up to students to organize and utilize the provided time to their advantage. Lack of concentration will not only affect your time management but also the quality of an essay.

Failure in keeping up with the budgeted time can cause panic and confusion to the student, which is not a desirable state of mind for an exam. After organizing your time, make it your mission to concentrate and avoid any distractions that will hinder your essay writing progress.

Note-taking applications such as Evernote can help you practice the creation of an outline and how to list questions in an essay during revision.

Stay Focused

The best way of approaching an examination is by staying focused. This can be hard and overwhelming but eventually, it is the factor that separates a lot of student’s performances. Focus is a skill that needs to be cultivated into the minds of students from an early age.

Knowing what you want and how to achieve it is important in the performance of a student. By being focused, the student is self-aware and realizes their flaws that need improvement. This mindset spills over to the revision part where they work on improving the topics they do not understand.

After intense and focused revision, a student will be confident when doing the examination which is a desirable state of mind for success. Essay Kitchen, therefore, advises students on the need to remain focused before and during the examinations.

Try to search for all the resources

This applies in the revision days before the exam especially as a technique on how to memorize for exams. There are many ways of revising for an examination most of which depend on the ability of the student. When revising, consider looking for answers from every resource available.

This is because more information on a topic gives more context consequently resulting in a better understanding. Having the context on a topic from different resources will ensure that you can answer the questions from different perspectives and approaches to a good essay question. Google is a tool that you can utilize as a student to add to the information that you read in books.

Review it once again in the end

After completing the essay test, a student is advised to reread it and make sure it meets all the criteria. A high scoring essay should accomplish all the instructions provided, have good grammar usage and punctuation marks at the right place. Reviewing your essay will give you a chance to polish and correct any wrong use of grammar and punctuation marks present. It also ensures that you have a well-organized and flowing essay to impress your tutor.

Preparation is key to improving one’s skills in writing essays. An essay exam is the same as writing a regular essay minus the comfort of time. Therefore, one should have to practice necessary writing skills to help them in analyzing the questions, answering, and structuring their thoughts in the final essay.

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