Why Rev Lucy Natasha Would Marry a Broke Guy Over a Mama’s Boy

April 29, 2020

Celebrity city preacher, Reverend Lucy Natasha, says she wouldn’t mind dating and marrying a broke guy.

However, the founder and overseer of Prophetic Latter Glory Ministries Internationals would not touch a mama’s boy with a ten-foot pole.

Rev Natasha made the revelation during an Instagram live conversation with comedian MC Jessy. She explained that mama’s boys put their mothers first and their spouses second.

“I don’t have a problem with any man who treasures their mums, but a mama’s boy will always be attached to their mothers, and you as the wife, you will always be the number two in his life,” she said.

On marrying a broke guy, Natasha said he should not be lazy. She also stated that she is a gold carrier and not a gold-digger.

“I don’t judge their financial status but they should have a vision,” she said.

“Finances are not a major description on who to marry, but that does not mean he should be lazy.”

During the live session, Rev Natasha also dispelled rumours circulating on social media that she is eyeing the Nairobi woman rep seat.

She clarified that her charity work through ‘Natasha Hand of Compassion’ is based on service to God and not a plan to join politics.


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