Waiguru Slams MCAs’ Impeachment Plan as “Petty and Frivolous”

April 1, 2020

The Kirinyaga boss has slammed county assembly members over plans to kick her out of office describing the planned impeachment motion as petty and frivolous.

“The issues raised are so basic that they are an embarrassment to the Constitution that they seek to protect and the County that elected these MCAs,” said Governor Waiguru in a fiery statement on Tuesday.

On allegations that she violated the Constitution by not making a state-of-county address, Anne Waiguru said the law does not require such an address to be made at the County Assembly.

“Such an address was given to the County Assembly in the first year in November 2018 and a similar one at the Kerugoya Hospital after the then health crisis, given publicly to the people of Kirinyaga on September 12, 2019, and the Assembly duly notified,” she said.

Waiguru further rubbished claims that she awarded several tenders irregularly.

“There is not a single indication of personal benefit to me, my relatives or friends. They are just thrown there for publicity and propaganda,” Waiguru’s statement reads.

The County boss also explained that the vehicle mentioned in the notice of impeachment and alleged to have been bought without a tender was procured under a Government framework negotiated by the National Government’s Ministry of Public Works.

Waiguru further faulted the ward reps over the timing of their plans when the world is focussing on combating the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is ultimate travesty. Fortunately, truth ultimately wins,” she said.

The notice of the motion was signed by the county assembly speaker on Monday awaiting the official filing.

All the MCAs, bar one, have reportedly signed the motion.

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