VIDEO: Watch Junet Mohamed Blast Elderly MPs in Parliament, “Stay Home With Your Grandchildren”

April 15, 2020

Suna East MP Junet Mohamed on Tuesday, April 14 pulled no punches in parliament as he castigated his elderly colleagues for refusing to adhere to set guidelines that require lawmakers above 58 years and those with pre-existing conditions not to attend house sittings.

During the afternoon session, the vocal Minority Whip singled out legislators above the age of 58 and asked them to stay home with their grandkids.

“Mr Speaker I have an issue that I want to raise. The guidelines that you issued were very clear. One of the guidelines was anybody above 58 years should not appear in the chambers, and I’m seeing Honourable Amos Kimunya, I am seeing Honourable Robert Pukose, these are octogenarians who should be at home Mr Speaker, we don’t want to lose any member of parliament,” said Junet.

The outspoken lawmaker then turned his simultaneous discharge of artillery on Igembe Central MP Cyrprian Iringo Kubai.

“Mr Speaker, another is the MP from Meru, Honourable Kubai, he retired from civil service before we were born and he’s here. I am raising this out of good faith because I want us to be here after coronavirus. When you are told you are above 58 or 60, stay home with your grandchildren,” said Junet, leaving other members in fits of laughter.

Iringo, who clearly didn’t find Junet’s remarks amusing, hit back saying he is healthy. He told Speaker Muturi: “In your guidelines, it was clear that you said ‘may’ not ‘must’ and that you are encouraged and not stopped from attending this session.”

“I am here because I represent the great people of Igembe Central and in my capacity, I know that I’m healthy enough and I have no problem. Therefore, if you have your own problems, that is your problem,” he blasted.

Watch the video below.

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