Ndindi Nyoro Pledges Entire Half a Million Salary to Covid-19 War

April 2, 2020

The MP for Kiharu Constituency, Ndindi Nyoro, has donated his salary to the fight against Covid-19 in Kneya.

Nyoro on Wednesday asked the Parliamentary Service Commission not to credit his bank account with the April 2020 salary, saying the remuneration should be channelled towards the pandemic.

Whereas he will surrender the entirety of his gross salary amounting to Ksh532, 500, Nyoro said his team will take a 20 per cent pay-cut.

“We may not have a single case registered in Kiharu Constituency. However, people in the informal sector such as boda boda operators and green grocers are experiencing the economic hardship wrought by the pandemic. And, because we understand the financial problems the virus has subjected this group of people to, I will commit 100 per cent of my April salary to the COVID-19 fight. Staff members attached to my office, including the CDF management, will take a 20 per cent pay-cut,” said Nyoro.

He said the monies will be remitted to the COVID-19 Emergency Fund Board.

At the same time, Nyoro called on the newly-formed Board to come up with a Paybill number that Kenyans of goodwill can contribute to.

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