Mulamwah Apologises to Kamene Goro for Body-Shaming Comment

April 22, 2020

Comedian David Oyando, alias Kendrick Mulamwah, appears to be making amends for his past mistakes following his recent public meltdown over trolls.

While sensationally announcing that trolls had pushed him to quit comedy, the online comedian drew both sympathy and contempt from the online community.

Among those who were not moved by Mulamwah’s pity party was Kameno Goro; the Kiss FM radio presenter reminded everyone that the comedian had body-shamed her in the recent past and, hence, was undeserving of her backing.

“First of all, personally, Mulamwah is the biggest bully I have ever met! I have been in this industry for eight years, very few people can bully me. Mulamwah bullied me online. So I posted a picture with Ronoh and we were sitting at the swimming pool rooftop at my place,” Kamene recounted.

“Mulamwah comes to the comment section and said if the two of us get into the pool, all the water pours out. And I am like, what? I look at that name and I am like, who is this? So I go to his DM and I am like, what is this nonsense? Because you do not know me like this.”

Mulamwah has now come out to apologise, admitting he was wrong and didn’t know better back then.

I just want to tell her sorry about that, and I see we are good. Hajaniblock sijamblock, tunalike maphotos, so thank you so much,” he said on his YouTube channel.

He also noted that he apologised back then after he realised his comment hurt Kamene’s feelings.

“I went to her direct messages and apologised. I look up to those big people, so when I know I have done wrong to any of them, I usually feel bad.”

Like it wasn’t my choice so nika DM but she was resilient and she couldn’t forgive,” Mulamwah added.

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