Mbosso on Skipping Tanasha’s EP Launch: “We Were Told to Return to Tanzania Immediately”

April 22, 2020

Tanzanian hitmaker Mbosso has attempted to explain why he and Diamond skipped Tanasha Donna’s EP launch earlier this year.

The Wasafi artistes were set to perform during the event but pulled out in the last minute under unclear and suspicious circumstances.

Speaking in an interview with Sam Misago recently, Mbosso said Wasafi management asked them to return to Tanzania with immediate effect. Apparently, “some things were not right”.

“I remember we went to Nairobi, there was a show we were supposed to do and it didn’t happen. We came back,” he said.

I was told I had to go back to Dar es Salaam with immediate effect. There were things that were not right. Who am I to argue with manager Babu Tale, Sallam and Mkubwa Fella?

“I went back home with my brother, Diamond. We were even seated next to each other. That’s when I started writing the script to my ‘Tamba’ song.”

There were reports that Diamond bailed on Tanasha’s launch before it started after realizing it would flop, something he did not want to associate with his “superstar” brand.

These reports, however, remain unverified but Tanasha recently rubbished a remark made by Diamond on women empowerment.

“It makes me cringe to see wastemen preach “women empowerment.

“Fake always gets exposed eventually. Like fake bags, fake jewelry, it will last a couple of days, maybe weeks or months but eventually, everyone can see it is fake,” Tanasha wrote on social media.

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