Mr Seed, Nimo Slam Trolls Abusing Their Son

April 23, 2020

Gospel singer Mr Seed and his wife Nimo Gachuiri have come out to address social media bullies who have been abusing their one-year-old son, Gold Christen.

Apparently, the trolls first targeted the musician and his wife but when he ignored them, the cyberbullies turned to their son.

“So mumenichokoza sana kwa DM. Munanitusi daily na nyamaza, munatuma Pseudo Zenyu kunichokoza, nanyamaza. Imefika point mumeruka kwa mtoto wangu, munatukanaa hadi mtoto? Enyewe mumekosa kazi.

“Haha, God ananipea self-control and patients(sic) … please just leave me alone and live your lives and move on am tired…I wanna do God’s work in peace…Munanitafuta sana aki woi,” Mr Seed wrote.

Nimo on her part told the trolls that they are at war with themselves because Gold Christen is happy and making money moves.

“Creating Pseudo accounts ati mnatusi mtoi wetu is just the lamest thing ever to be honest and you knew that’s the only way to get a reaction. Baby is happy, minding his business and making money moves already wewe kazi nikueka pseudo accounts, just move on guys please you are at war with yourselves not with us aki and we are neither in competition with anybody.” 


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