Ken Walibora Stayed Alone in Nairobi… Wife and Kids in the US

April 16, 2020

Swahili literary giant Ken Walibora was confirmed dead on Wednesday. However, it remains unclear when he actually passed on.

According to new reports, the former Nation TV news anchor was living all by himself in Nairobi at the time of his death.

His cousin Teresa Buyela says that police found him unconscious on Friday and took him to the hospital, but it is still not certain that he was hit by a car as widely reported.

Teresa revealed that a few of his relatives had gone to visit him over the weekend at his Lavington home, but were told that he had not returned since Friday. Their search for their beloved relative led them to KNH morgue on Tuesday.

“Ken was a down to earth man, he could drive to our rural home, where he could join my parents for days. He loved indigenous vegetables, he could ask mom to prepare him some traditional meals as he enjoyed staying in village. It was something that had left people who knew him with confusion for a man who lived a quiet life,” said Teresa.

The family has not made a final decision on how to lay him to rest, particularly in these uncertain times.

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