Jobs Tarmac Looking For Me, Says Dennis Okari

April 2, 2020

It appears seasoned media personality Dennis Okari, just like Polycarp Igathe(presumably), is one of the few professionals in Kenya who have never struggled to get a job.

The NTV Special features editor and news anchor says he has never tarmacked looking for a job in his entire life. In fact, it is the jobs that tarmac looking for his services.

“I have never tarmacked looking for a job my entire life, I always say jobs tarmac looking for me,” he said.

Speaking in an interview, Okari recounted his media journey from when he started off as a producer, video editor and reporter for KBC’s Metro TV.

While at Metro, Okari also helped produce for Lupita Nyong’o.

“I was basically a video editor, producer cum reporter. I helped produce Lupita Nyong’o at the time she was starting out. I used to go through her scripts, and studio frame her. Seeing where she is now, I don’t know whether she will remember me you know those days we used to like really hustle even getting clothes for her to wear onset,” he said.

After leaving Metro, Okari joined Family Media before leaving for Mombasa-based Baraka FM, where he honed his Swahili skills.

Okari later left Baraka for Standard Group’s Radio Maisha but was instead deployed to work for KTN, where he left a few years later for NTV. He was then poached by BBC and worked with the British Broadcaster for a few months before returning to NTV.

“I started off at KBC Metro TV, worked with a producer called Bwana Onguso, he was like our Tyler Perry. Onguso was the producer of Tausi, Tahamaki, those epic Swahili programmes…. So that’s where I started from Metro I went to TBN Family Media then left Nairobi went to Mombasa working for Baraka FM, I wanted to learn Swahili because my Swahili was so bad and when I came back to Nairobi I was supposed to work for Radio Maisha but then the guys eventually hired me for the Broadcast Division (TV) So, that’s my first time on KTN, then I went to Radio Africa then came to Nation Media Group. I was then poached by the BBC went worked in the UK then came back to Nation Media Group,” said Okari.

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