Betty Kyallo Sends Hugs and Kisses to Supporters Following Backlash Over Viral Drunk Video

April 2, 2020

The celebrity news anchor is appreciative of all the support and love that fans have showed her following negative backlash over her viral video.

Over the weekend, a visibly tipsy Betty Kyallo posted a video condemning naysayers for dictating how she should live her life.

“My family is very protective over me and they are like Betty why are you going live right now… I’ve had a drink and people are saying you cannot have this much fun cz wewe ni role model f*ck that shit, me I take care of my jobs. Ivanna I’m her role model. Eti you are my daughter’s role model so don’t go to the club, I wanna go the club, I wanna have a good time, the pressure in this f*cking career is horrible and this chiq is saying end the video because I’m saying the truth. I’m not gonna end this video whatever the blogs are gonna say about Betty or Betty Kyallo … f*ck off f*ck off bloggers,” Betty ranted.

The video sparked wild reactions from Kenyans on social media, majority of whom used the opportunity to troll and bash Betty.

Nonetheless, a number of fans and public figures did jump to her defence, including radio personality Shaffie Weru, activist Boniface Mwangi and Marini CEO Michelle Ntalami.

And to these supporters, Betty has sent virtual hugs and kisses for uplifting her during one of her low moments.

“But I just wanted to say everybody who has shown a lot of support and concern and lot of loves and hugs and kisses, virtual hugs and kisses. I honestly really appreciate every one of you, I really appreciate that out of a hateful world you can actually take time to uplift somebody and I really appreciate it, and I hope that even for everybody who has shown that to me, I pray that one day when you are down, there will always be somebody to uplift you too. Thank you so much I appreciate it,” said Betty.

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