Grace Msalame Pays Heartfelt Tribute to Legendary Dad, Tony Msalame

April 21, 2020

Next month marks exactly 10 years since the Kenyan media fraternity lost veteran media personality Tony Msalame.

Ahead of his official commemoration, Msalame’s daughter, Grace Msalame, took to social media Monday to pay tribute to her legendary father who dominated Kenya’s airwaves pre-independence.

“Can’t believe it’ll be 10 years next month since you left us… I’m still blown away by all that you accomplished while you were here on Earth & understand even more now, why you were so hard on us growing up, then we didn’t get it but today I remember everything you taught us…” Msalame wrote on Instagram.

According to the NTV show host who followed in her old man’s footsteps to become a celebrated media personality in her own right, Tony Msalame left huge shoes to fill.

“…From the value of hard work & learning the delicate balance of your work putting you in the spotlight but maintaining your privacy oh! how you would constantly remind us of this since we were kids. You left such huge shoes to fill! which can be daunting… but what gives me peace is knowing that only in our Authenticity can we impact in any way! And I’m now passing that on to my kids,” she went on.

The mother of two also shared a little known fun fact about her father’s acting days when he played the role of a doctor in the 1988 HBO film, ‘The Lion of Africa’. Other Kenyans in the movie included Oliver Litondo, Douglas Chege, Peter Kimani, and Joe Chege.

“Today I celebrate all that you achieved & marvel at the impact you left behind?? Here pictured or rather screen shots?of my Papa in @hbo film titled- The Lion Of Africa back in 1988 I was 2yrs old?Thanks for this reminder Mum,” she wrote.

The Unscripted With Grace’ presenter added that when she looks at her father’s pictures, she sees hers and her sister’s children.

“PS: I now look at his pictures & see our kids @tashanyonyi ♥️He May never have met them but His blood flows through them♥️ #AppreciationPost #PapaTheLegend #TonyMsalame #RadioHostActorWriterDirectorProducerLegend #10YearsOn”

Fans’ Reactions:

Grace Msalame’s fans who watched the film were taken aback by the surprise while others had their blown their minds blown to learn that Grace is Tony Msalame’s daughter.

Carol Radull commented: “Glad I got to interact with him when O & M were handling Omo as we created Omo Pick a Box way back in the 90s. Wuh! ?? #Legend.”

Thespian and music teacher Ian Mbugua seemed shocked that it was already a decade since Tony’s passing: “? What???? 10????????? Wow!!!!”

Music producer Tedd Josiah added: “A KING ? R I P ??”

deejaykalonje commented: He was your dad. ???. Legend I love the movie.”

Another IG user said: “That was your dad?? I love that movie.”

“Fantastic former workmate at Ogilvy really shaped us young ones then,” wrote another.

“Thank you for Sharing this, Tony Msalame is your old man……this has taken me way back to metro radio..Shakey legi if I’m right….wow…didnt know he passed on…may the King RIP…..” said a user identified as @t.tolitoz.

During his Voice of Kenya(now KBC) days in the early 1980s, Tony Msalame was famous for a programme called ‘Ongeza Maarifa’.

In 1996, he joined Metro FM where he is remembered for his Shekki Leggi (shake your leg) show on weekends. He moved to Mombasa in 2004 and launched Shekki FM.

Tony Msalame passed away on May 28, 2010 after collapsing at his Shekki FM studios at his home in Nyali. A medical report indicated that he died of a heart attack.

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