Brewer Chases Away 12 Chiefs, Nyumba Kumi Members Using Bow and Arrow

April 7, 2020

In an attempt to resist arrest and closure of his illicit business, a brewer from Kwenikab Ilet village, Bomet County shot arrows at authorities on Sunday, April 5.

Area chief Zephania Koech, who led the raid, said the brewer had evaded arrest for a long time. “We got wind that he had pitched tent at the village and was selling illicit brews to youth. I mobilised colleagues from neighbouring locations and we carried out a raid, but he was very hostile,” said Koech.

The authorities who included 12 chiefs and members of Nyumba Kumi had to scamper for safety after the suspect started shooting arrows.

Chief Koech said the brewer assaulted one of the Nyumba Kumi members during the attack, Standard reports. The suspect reportedly attacked village elder Joseph Langat with a machete.

The authorities took refuge at a tea plantation as they waited for police reinforcements. After the officers arrived, the brewer escaped by swimming across Kipsonoi River and hiding in a tea plantation.

It took seven armed police officers about three hours to finally catch the suspect and put him behind bars.

Koech said they had decided not to involve the police initially because some brewers colluded with corrupt officers who took bribes.

“Every time we take them to the police, they are released the following day,” he lamented.

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