20 percent of Kenyans Still Believe Africans Can’t Contract Coronavirus – Survey

April 7, 2020

A poll conducted by research and consulting firm Infotrak shows that 20 percent of Kenyans still believe that Africans/Black people can’t contract the coronavirus.

Another 26 percent think that young people and children can’t get the deadly virus. The report also shows that 30 percent of Kenyans think that everyone who contracts COVID-19 dies while 25 percent think there is a cure for coronavirus.

According to the survey, majority of Kenyans(52 percent) think the threat of the coronavirus has been exaggerated.

“Knowledge gaps still exist on COVID-19. Majority of Kenyans; 52% still think that the threat of Covid-19 is exaggerated.

“While Kenyans seem to have high awareness on COVID 19 and how it can be contracted, there are several issues that still need education and clarification from government,” the report states.

The poll notes that 48 percent of Kenyans think Covid-19 is just like a common Flu/cold. There’s also 35 percent of Kenyans who think it’s better to take the family upcountry to protect them from coronavirus.

The survey was conducted between March 30 and April 2, 2020, with a sample of 831 respondents from 24 out of the 47 counties being interviewed.

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