MCA Tricky Offers To Help Talented Street Kid Georgy

March 17, 2020

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably watched the video of one Georgy, who has been living in the streets for nearly a decade, singing a Justin Bieber song impressively.

In the video, Georgy also asked for help from wellwishers for his homeless peers who have been sleeping at Uhuru park under a Fly Over.

Days later, it appears Georgy might have found his silver lining after a number of showbiz players pledged to come through fro him. One of the wellwishers is comedian Francis Munyao alias MCA Tricky who took to social media to pledge his support for George.

Georgy georgy georgy! I will personally help you mahali naweza, guys lets support some of these fine talents, I salute this brother. ???? kindly lets do 2k comments tagging @justinbieber @justinbieber @justinbieber hadi imfikieeeeee kwani iko neneee alafu sasa hapa home tucome thro’ tumsaidie #unsungheroes,” Tricky wrote on Instagram.

Actor and YouTuber Kevin Mwangi alias ‘Shaniqwa’ also offered to record a song free of charge.

“Mca Tricky please bring him to my studio a record ngoma for free we can’t afford to waste such a talent. Leta yeye,” he wrote.

Others who have vowed to help Georgy include singer/producer Naiboi and Radio Maisha’s DJ 2one2.

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