Desagu: My Late Dad Thought I Was Using Drugs

March 17, 2020

Youtube comedian Ithagu Kibicho, who is better known by his stage name Henry Desagu, said it took his father some time to come round to his online comedy.

Desagu said his father at some point thought he was using drugs after he watched viral videos of the comedian dressed in oversized clothes.

“My dad did not have an idea of what is YouTube or even Facebook. When he saw me, he sent my sister who was doing fashion and design to make some suits for me,” he said in an interview.

Desagu, who was studying economics at Kenyatta University when he ventured into comedy, said he explained to his father about his work. “Before my dad died, he had understood the industry that I was in after I explained it to him.”

The funnyman added: “I used to invite him to concerts so he could understand. Plus I started paying my school fees and reducing the financial burdens since I was now making money.”

The YouTuber noted that comedy pays even though it was not easy when he started.

“It was not easy but today, I can say comedy is paying, as long as one becomes consistent,” he said.

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