“I Will Not Cry Again on Live TV!” Jimmy Gait Tells Trolls Over ‘Coronavirus’ Song

March 18, 2020

Gone are the days when gospel musician Jimmy Gait used to cry on live TV for being trolled.

The ‘Muhadhara’ composer is remembered for breaking down during an interview on NTV’s The Trend back in 2017. This was after he had released probably the worst song of his career dubbed ‘Yesu Ndie Sponsor’.

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Fast forward to 2020, the hitmaker has once again drawn the wrath of netizens with his latest release, ‘Corona’. He, however, says that he has grown a thick skin and won’t be moved by his naysayers.

“It is okay for people to talk. I don’t take any offence, they can say whatever,” he said.

“I am not the weak guy I used to be. I am stronger and I will focus on the right thing. I will not cry again on TV, because they will always talk.”

The ‘Furifuri’ hitmaker added that it’s not his problem what trolls say as long as his message is out there.

“People always see you as they are and they want to interpret everything according to what they understand, but that is not my problem. My message is home even if to five people,” Gait said.

Jimmy also defended the song saying it’s aimed at spreading awareness about the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I have talked to some friends who do not understand how to protect themselves from the virus and even don’t understand what coronavirus is all about.

“If the government is creating awareness about the pandemic, why not me as an artiste?” he posed.

Adding: “I want to use my talent by informing people about the virus and how they can protect themselves.”

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