“I Thought I Was Going To Die,” Singer Pallaso Recounts Xenophobic Attack In South Africa

March 12, 2020

Ugandan hitmaker Pallaso thought he would die when he was allegedly attacked by a group of South Africans about two weeks ago.

Pallaso, who is singer Jose Chameleone’s younger brother, spoke about the incident after jetting into Kenya on Tuesday during his layover to his homeland Uganda.

The singer spent a whole month in South Africa where he had gone to shoot a music video.

Speaking during a media briefing at Main Switch studios in Athi River, Pallaso said he was walking on the streets of Turffontein suburb in Johannesburg when he was attacked.

“That particular day in the evening, I went to a store to get food, but while walking on the streets of Turffontein in South Africa, I was approached by a crowd that beat me up because I wasn’t one of their own,” he said.

Pallaso, who was in the company of a friend, said the group vandalized their car and attempted to hack him before he escaped.

“I ran to hide at a garage and the guard tried to help me but I couldn’t trust him after that incident, so he called the police,” he said.

“I thought I was going to die at that university parking, especially when I saw the police car pass by. I have the wounds and scars that I will hold dear to me as a reminder of what I went through in the hands of fellow Africans,” he added.

“I call upon my brothers and sisters, to promote peace and oneness, it is our responsibility as Africans to take care of each other and spread love not hate. It’s our responsibility as Africa, to stand out and speak against xenophobic attacks. It’s time to love each other regardless of where we come from.”

Pallaso also rubbished reports that he had faked the xenophobic attack and that he was beaten by a man whose wife he was hooking up with.

“Xenophobia real. I am not in court and I don’t owe anybody an explanation but the greatest part of it is I’m still alive. This here is not a Nigerian owned car as claimed, this is Deno kiwunyas Mercedes car being demolished after I fled the scene under mob attacks. Same car I was seated in before all this happened. As you can see it parked on the roadside next to the shop we went to buy food at.

“I was attacked because I am in South Africa and I’m not South African. All you pass false news need to stop please. These people are heartless can take life for no reason. This is very sad. You will take it lightly but remember today it’s me tomorrow it’s someone else and it could be someone you love. Let’s stand up against xenophobic attacks fellow Africans. Death flashed very closely in my face yesterday and tomorrow you or your loved one might not be as lucky as me to survive the attack. Please world wake up. #stopxenophobia,” he wrote on Instagram.


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