David Murathe Claims He’s In Charge of Jubilee Amid Tuju’s Hospitalisation

March 3, 2020

Nine months after he resigned, David Murathe now claims that he is still the bonafide vice-chairman of the ruling Jubilee party.

According to Murathe, his resignation letter to the party leader President Uhuru has never been acknowledged. Murathe claims this is the basis for him to continue serving in the position.

He assured that Jubilee is stable and its day to day activities are going on uninterrupted despite the absence of Secretary-general Raphael Tuju who is hospitalised abroad following a car accident.

“I wrote a resignation letter to the President who is the Jubilee Party leader and the appointing authority but I have not received a response from the President indicating whether my intention was accepted or declined. This means that I’m still the party’s vice-chairperson and I will continue discharging my duties and responsibilities in the ruling party. I wish to assure Kenyans that despite Mr Tuju’s hospitalisation, the party is stable and its affairs are running well,” Mr Murathe said.

He also challenged his naysayers to confirm his position in Jubilee with the Registrar of Political Parties.

“Anyone doubting whether I’m still the party’s vice-chairman should confirm with the Registrar of Political Parties and will know that I’m still in charge. As at now, the party is intact but in the near future we shall have a new political formation which will actualise the desire of the President to leave behind a united country where no community will not feel left out and where there will be no post-election violence in the future,” he told the Nation.

Murathe also cautioned leaders against taking advantage of Tuju’s hospitalisation to interfere with party affairs.

“We know there are some leaders who want to take advantage of the hospitalisation of Mr Tuju but let them know that we are ably in touch with the party and its affairs,” he said.

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