Aurlus Mabélé was a Musician and a Half – Fred Machokaa

March 24, 2020

Veteran media personality Fred Obachi Machokaa has mourned the late Congolese Soukous singer Aurlus Mabélé who died on Thursday last week.

“It is a sad day to the family and all other fans in general coz that was a respected person in the industry, especially Soukous music lovers,” he said.

Fred said the ‘King of Soukous’ had been ailing for a long time but he succumbed to coronavirus.

“We have been praying he will recover but this coronavirus does not seem to be sparing people,” he said.

Mr Obachi praised Mabélé saying all his songs were big hits. “‘Embargo’ is one of the songs that will continue to resonate with the Soukous lovers for a long time.

“He is a musician who came into the industry when people used to sings by starting with a small tempo but that changed,” said Machokaa.

Fred also remembered when Kenyans got a chance to watch Aurlus Mabélé live in 1991. He was backed by his new solo guitarist Dally Kimoko, Jean Baron and then-drummer Awilo Longomba.

“When he came to Kenya, I hosted him at the KICC. It was immediately after the inaugural Kanda Bongoman tour. That was a musician and a half and it is a pity he has rested,” said the TV presenter.

Fred encouraged people to observe all the Covid-19 guidelines to prevent its spread.

“Coronavirus is real and therefore let no one assume that it only hit elsewhere,” he said.

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