Akothee: I Want Sixth Child With No Strings Attached

March 6, 2020

Madam boss Akothee must be having a serious case of baby fever if her confession is anything to go by. The celebrity musician is apparently looking to have another child because “I’m still very young”.

The mother of five posted to her Instagram account that she would prefer her sixth child to come with no strings attached to the baby daddy.

Akothee stated that while baby number six is a must-have, she is not ready to commit to anyone.

“I will also have a baby and I don’t want commitment with anyone, I am not ready to settle down, I am still very young, but number six is a must. We the independent women, also have choices (follow me at your own risk). I am looking for baby daddy number six; we won’t date, just a baby, period. No strings attached,” she posted.

Just a few days before this, Akothee vowed never to be lured into having a child she is not ready for. She encouraged single mothers to stay strong for their sake and their children’s.

“The pain of being left with a child is all the same. Whether you are living in Karen, Lavington or Kibera! The sleepless nights, the pain of rejection, betrayal, stigma and society. The fear of the unknown (where will I start from? People will laugh at me) my dear, you are thinking too much.

“Those people whom you think will laugh at you have more problems than yours. You have already identified your problem and it’s out, embrace it. It’s no longer a problem, it’s a challenge,” she said.

Adding: “It’s your choice to face it or avoid it. Be the first to own rejection even if you are the one who left him first, be the first to say, he kicked me out, to avoid people thinking you are in denial that he left you.”

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