Weezdom Called Me a Village Chokoraa, Claims Kasolo

February 5, 2020

There’s fresh beef in the local gospel music industry pitting singer Kasolo against EMB’s Weezdom after the two exchanged words on social media.

Trouble started after Kasolo criticised Bahati over his lawsuit against Peter Blessing. Kasolo appeared to hint that Bahati was not telling the whole truth.

This prompted Weezdom to respond, writing: “You are misleading Peter Blessing but you don’t know how much it has cost Bahati and I for his music to be heard on air.”

Kasolo now says Weezdom called him names even though he was only advising Bahati to solve issues with Peter Blessing away from social media.

“Weezdom called me a fool, a street child and a village boy, and that he does not depend on anyone. But he doesn’t know I am a brand and I can only bless him,” he said as quoted by Word Is.

“He called me a regional singer and that I should respect Nairobi singers. Let him know that I am a well-known singer and I have done songs with great musicians like Rose Muhando, who is even bigger than Bahati. Calling me a street child is so low for him.”

The singer further advised Bahati that, being a dad, he should not risk invoking curses against his children for having young artistes arrested because of issues they can solve outside court.

“Bahati should bless Peter and leave other people to support him,” he said, adding: “Tell him to stand by his own so he can prove himself.”

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