Senator Ledama Accuses DP Ruto of Witch Hunt After Being Released on Free bond

February 26, 2020

Narok county Senator Ledama Olekina claims Deputy President William Ruto was behind his arrest on Tuesday morning.

Speaking to the media outside the Kilimani Police Station following his release, the firebrand politician said Ruto has no authority to order for his arrest. He also wondered why the DP is always angry.

“This arrest today was kicks of a dying horse. This is a witchhunt. The DP is behind it. Enough is enough!” he said.

“..he needs to fix his back yard. The DP has a lot to prove on national cohesion. ‘Ruto why the hell are you so angry? Whether it is the Mau issue, you are angry, whether it is Arror and Kimwarer dam, you are angry, BBI you are angry.”

Ledama Olekina declared that will not be intimidated and will discussing the BBI.

“Political dominance by one ethnic group will not be tolerated. Do not force yourself in political leadership. Kalenjin leaders should promote harmony free of incitement,” he said.

“Whether it is 2022 issue, you are angry… learn to live with other communities. It is your tolerance that is in question.”

“His pursuit of personal interests has become a danger to us. He has created a following of ethic minded individuals,” the Senator asserted.

The Narok Senator was freed late Tuesday without charges after questioning by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) officers.

Police said he will face charges next Tuesday after conclusion of investigations.

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