Kikuyu Elders Claim Homosexuality Partly to Blame For Locust Invasion

February 26, 2020

A section of Kikuyu elders has spoken against homosexuality saying it is one of the reasons why locusts have invaded Kenya.

While rallying behind Anglican Archbishop Jackson ole Sapit, who said he will not be attending the Lambeth Conference in the UK on account of its support of same-sex unions, the elders reiterated that same-sex unions are taboo.

“We support Archbishop Ole Sapit’s stand against homosexuality, the practice is ungodly and is nonsense brought to Africa from the West which we should all oppose,” the chairman of Kikuyu Council of Elders, Father Joakim Gitonga said.

According to the Elders who were speaking in Murang’a, homosexuality could be blamed for the calamities that Africans have been facing in the recent past.

Murang’a Cultural Association head Muraya Gatu said be traversing the country to propagate an anti-homosexuality campaign to school kids and young adults who are at risk of the “ungodly act”.

Women elders also vowed to launch campaigns against homosexuality, saying it kills the family unit as we know it. They further claimed that it was highly likely that the locust invasion was a punishment for engaging in homosexuality.

“We are killing our communities by allowing members of the same-sex to be in relationships, we should live as God intended, this is likely one of the reasons why locusts have invaded Kenya,” said Mercy Wanjiku, the Deputy Kikuyu Council of Elders Murang’a branch.

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