No Evidence of Overcharging at Nairobi Women’s Hospital, KMPDC Declares

February 26, 2020

There is no evidence of overcharging at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital, the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Council (KMPDC) said Tuesday.

In a statement, the council cleared the facility of alleged health care fraud saying the hospital’s fees are in line with the industry benchmark.

“There is no evidence of overcharging or any instances where the fees charged were above the recommended rates provided in the Medical Practitioners and Dentists (Professional Fees) Rules, 2016,” the Council said.

At the same time, the Council made a set of recommendations to enhance internal processes at Nairobi Women’s Hospital.

These include: enhancing the incorporation of doctors in the senior leadership team to offer medical guidance, putting in place an appropriate policy of information management and reviewing all business communications protocols and using only appropriate language in any correspondence.

The facility will also be required to regularly assess the proportion of Medical Doctors and Clinical Officers across the Hospital, so as to guide the organization on the ethics of good clinical practice.

“It was important to open our hospitals to an independent review, and we thank the Council for their detailed assessment and feedback. We will comply with all of their recommendations, as well as implement further improvements to ensure we are continuing to provide the highest quality service to our patients,” said the founder of Nairobi Women’s Hospital, Dr Sam Thenya.

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