Rev Njoya Destroys Marijuana Seedlings in His Garden, Twitter Reacts

February 21, 2020

Retired PCEA cleric Reverend Timothy Njoya has a serious weed problem.

The Civil rights activist first went public about his marijuana problem back in 2017, revealing via Twitter that floods from Ngong Hills were depositing marijuana seeds on his garden along the Ngong river banks.

He said he would destroy them even as Kenyans pleaded with the Man of God to save the “holy herb”.

If you missed it back then, follow this link – Rev Timothy Njoya Discovers Bhang in his Garden But KOT Don’t Want It Destroyed (PHOTO)

Over two years later, marijuana is still growing in the 78-year-old theologian’s garden. He updated his Twitter followers on Thursday, saying uprooting the marijuana seedlings wasn’t working.

Rev Njoya said he had resorted to using herbicide as instructed by Jesus.

“I thought that the floods from Ngong Hills would stop depositing bang seeds on the Ngong River Banks. Instead of uprooting the seedlings and burning them this time I followed Jesus’ instructions to spray them with Hell (SELECTIVE WEED KILLER HERBICIDE),” he tweeted.

As expected, KOT had a lot to say about the development. Check out some of their reactions below.

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