‘Patanisho Stories Make Us Cry in Studio,’ Says Radio Jambo Presenter Gidi

February 21, 2020

Former rapper turned radio personality Gidi says some of the stories they discuss on ‘Patanisho’ move him and co-presenter Ghost to tears.

‘Patanisho’, a segment of the duo’s breakfast show on Radio Jambo, has been running for almost 7 years now. It entails listeners calling the presenters and sharing their personal problems, mostly marital.

“Patanisho stories are everyday problems. Sometimes we have very funny stories, while other days we have sad ones.

“Some are so touching that we also at times get ourselves crying in the studio. Some even make us go silent in the studio because they are sad,” said Gidi.

He continued: “There are other people who we try to reconcile but are just crying in studio, and so we also find ourselves crying. Others complain about why they are brought on the radio. I mean, it is different always.”

Asked how ‘Patanisho’ came to be, Gidi said: “I tried so many ideas but then after five years, we got Patanisho, which was motivated by people calling in and sharing their problems with us.”

“For the last seven years, it has grown immensely but it has been a lot of work behind the scenes and building trust with people so they can be free to open up to you. We make them free with us and that is why many are free with us. Another reason why the segment is loved is that it is clean and no vulgar language is used,” he explained.

Gidi said the greatest reward for him is when they manage to reconcile couples. He added that he is enjoying his radio career and plans to continue entertaining Kenyans.

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