Kanze Dena Says She Misses Lulu Hassan But Rules Out TV Comeback

February 20, 2020

A return to anchoring television news is off the cards for former Citizen TV presenter Kanze Dena.

State House Spokesperson said this during an interview on Milele FM. She, however, confessed that she misses anchoring news with her bestie Lulu Hassan.

“Sitorudi tena yaani ndio nimemaliza na pia miaka nayo imeenda, kwa hivyo laizma pia niangalie na mambo mengine. Lakini kile kitu kimoja mimi na miss na kutamani siku zote ni kuwa studio na Lulu Hassan.

“Huwa natamani sana pengine siku moja huenda tukafanya kipindi, tukiwa vinyanya. Hata saa zingine natamani usemaji ungekuwa wa watu wawili , aseme leo niseme kesho ama tuseme wote kwa pamoja,” said Kanze Dena.

The former Swahili news presenter also weighed in on the Sh39 Million arms scandal involving former CS Rashid Echesa.

Asked to comment on President Uhuru’s stance on the matter that has roped in DP Ruto, Kanze said: “The allegations may be based on rumours and a reaction right now would backfire later.

“Or maybe, the people you deal with are crooked in their dealings and maybe they were the ones involved in the fraud case,” she added.

Kanze reiterated that President Kenyatta is committed to the fight against graft, saying he would issue a statement on the scandal in due time.

“Kenyatta has spoken out against corruption and we shall speak when we know the truth. What’s more important is understanding that Kenyatta is adamant on his administration’s fight against corruption. The fight won’t be biased,” Kanze said.

She also spoke on allegations of a fall out between President Uhuru and DP Ruto. “They speak well both privately and publicly. We should not respond to rumours. According to my observation, their communication is effective and the relationship is concrete.”

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