“Wacha Wivu”…Fans Tells Abel Mutua after he Trolled Actress Kate’s BMW [VIDEO]

January 17, 2020

BREAKING NEWS: Film and television couple Phil Karanja and Kate Actress are members of Illuminati. Because how else can someone buy a BMW X5 in January?

My terrible fake news aside, the actress was over the moon as she took to Instagram to flaunt the reward of her hard work one month after giving birth to the couple’s first child together.

“Every push has been rewarded. God says try me! Do your part! Mama K 2020 lets ride,” she wrote in part.

Catherine Kamau also used the opportunity to encourage young girls who look up to her. “Young queens out there, hard work, patience and perseverance still pays. Hardworking girls are still cool. Trust me”.

Amid the internet buzz on Thursday, the couple’s close friend, Abel Mutua, was “feeling some typa way” about the new ride.

In a short clip uploaded to his Instagram, the actor is seen reviewing the car while pointing out why he wouldn’t buy it, albeit in hilarious fashion.

Abel captioned the clip: “Mbona hamkuniconsult Manze. @kate_actress na @Phil_director Hata number plate inawaambia tu. Hii kitu itawaCX mbaya sana. But all in all congratulations guys!! RoadTrip!!!!!!”

With over 12k views in 3 hours, the clip cracked up netizens, including Kate and hubby Phil.

“??‍♀️??? you are stupid,” said Kate.

Phil added: “Mimi nasema @abelmutua afadhali ukunywe supu minajili ya hiyo kiwaru??? Shukran bro ?”

Also in on the amusing banter was Nick Mutuma who wrote: “Ati low profile rims? Buda hizi haziezi last na hizi mashimo za Nairobi roads ? Wakenya ??? aki @abelmutua Congrats again @kate_actress ?”

Some amused fans jokingly told Mutua he belongs in ‘Kamati ya Roho Chafu’ as others advised him to get a hold of his envy.

“Mi nasemaga uache wivu ???,” one fan wrote.

“Wivu ya abelmutua juu alipea wife yake supu ya mifupa after child birth,” said another.

“?????hivo ndo watu wengine hukua na kiwaru… hawaezi furahia baraka????,” one commentor observed.

One joked: “???Kama hii ndio gari wacha tu nitembee hakuna haja waniroge bure?”

Another borrowed a popular phrase by comedian Njugush to write: “????????mi nasemanga sijaskia vibaya”

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