In case you were wondering, Lillian Muli and her infamous community husband Jared Ombongi Nevaton are still man and wife.

This was confirmed by the media personality on Wednesday when she responded to an internet troll who insinuated that all is not well in paradise.

In an IG post, Muli had uploaded a meme that reads: “#2020 Tumeamua Bibi akileta Kichwa usimchape, mpandishe cheo awe Bibi Mkubwa #Endyearmensconfrnce”.

She captioned it: “Haiya! I wanna hear your thoughts priss? Will you maintain shallap?(will you shutup?)… As for me, kaba gue(I’d rather die)…”

One IG user, identified Ben Kenyan1, commented under the post: “Kwani Ombongi amekuwa ex. Hawa Wakamba”

This forced Muli to respond, declaring that Jared will always be her husband.

“@BenKenyan1 … No! he is and always will be my husband… In fact, nowadays I live in Kisii,” reads Muli’s reply.

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They same same ish different day i choose to say out with the old me in with the new me! Meaning if we don't talk or hook up often we won't hook up on Birthdays or Funerals or weddings…too many people out here pretending they care either when you are Dead, getting married or throwing an epic Bash! When you are Dead (They post your pics and say how awesome you were; yet you hadn't seen or heard from them in years)…When they hear you are getting married ( they want the juice on who you are marrying and why in Gods name that person is marrying your crazy ass lol also they want an invite if it's a high society wedding)…oh dont get me started on the bashes…on your broke days you will regret spending so much on people.

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