Woman Takes Her Own Life After Being Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

August 6, 2019

A family in Kasarani estate, Naivasha is in mourning following the tragic death of their kin who committed suicide after being diagnosed with cancer.

According to reports, the deceased 40-year-old Purity Muthoni hanged herself in her sister’s house in Kasarani. Relatives said Ms Muthoni took her own life after arriving home from Kenyatta National Hospital where she had gone for treatment.

She is said to have developed a growth in one of her breasts and started undergoing treatment in various local hospitals but was misdiagnosed with other ailments.

Her worst fears were confirmed at KNH where she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It is unclear whether she underwent any sort of counseling after the diagnosis, but her sister said she fell into depression.

“According to the sister, the deceased received results that she was suffering from breast cancer and she went into depression before committing suicide,” Naivasha OCPD Samuel Waweru said.

Ms Muthoni, who had been living with her sister, is said to have waited until the sister had gone to work in one of the flower farms before she used a rope to hang herself.

This is after she had told friends that she did not want to undergo the pain other cancer victims had gone through.

The Naivasha OCPD Mr Waweru said police collected her body and took it to Naivasha Mortuary.

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