Woman in Court For Stripping Naked at Wilson Airport in Desperate Attempt to Contact Lover

August 7, 2019

A woman has been charged in a Kibera court for undressing and forcibly trying to gain access to the Kenya Aeronautical College at Wilson Airport.

Dorcas Nduku was charged with invading the college and causing disturbance by shouting and stripping naked. A police report said that Nduku caused the scene in an attempt to check on an alleged lover on July 3.

Police said they received a call from the director of the institution asking that the accused be escorted from the compound by all means.

The report further indicates that as police and security guards tried to get Nduku off the premises, she took off her clothes, remaining only in her underwear, and started shouting.

The accused claimed that her lover, the director and the owner of the college–Samson Aketch–had sent her love texts and invited her to visit him.

“I have messages on my phone showing how he seduced me and invited me to visit him at the college, then when I reached there, security guards and the police denied me access. I was sent away under his instructions,” she told Kibera senior principal magistrate Derrick Kuto.

Ms. Nduku noted that Aketch has, for more than 13 years, made her believe she was his wife. “Since July we disagreed and he became a different man,” she added.

The suspect asked for lenient bond terms saying she is a single mother and a maize hawker in the Nairobi CBD.

“I have left my young kids in the house. As I stand here, I only have Sh3,000 on my M-Pesa,” she pleaded.

The magistrate adjourned the matter briefly after Ms. Nduku started crying in court on Monday. “If everyone decides to cry in this court there will be no session. Sit down and relax then address us,” Kuto advised, giving the accused 30 minutes to collect herself.

The Magistrate released Nduku on Sh20,000 bond or Sh5,000 bail with the surety of the same amount and a credible contact person.

The matter will be mentioned on August 21 before the hearing on October 29.

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