Willy Mutunga Takes a Dig at Ezekiel Mutua Over ‘Wamlambez’ Ban

August 28, 2019

Former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga is among a multitude of Kenyans on social media who have reacted to the ban on Wamlambez and Tetema hit songs by KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua.

The infamous ‘morality cop’ on Tuesday said the controversial songs should be restricted to clubs and bars only citing dirty lyrics not suitable for public consumption.

In a tweet shared on his Twitter account, Mutua described the songs by Kenyan group Sailors and Tanzania’s Diamond and Rayvanny as pure pornography.

“Tetema and Wamlambez songs are strictly forbidden outside of clubs and bars. It’s embarrassing to see even national leaders singing and dancing to the obscenity in public. The lyrics are dirty and not suitable for public consumption, especially mixed company or where children are likely to be watching or listening. Both songs are pure pornography,” Mutua tweeted.

The KFCB CEO added: “While we may not ban them because they are coded, it’s important for the public to know that they are dirty and unsuitable for mixed company. Let them be restricted to clubs, strictly for adults!”

Responding to the belated ban on Twitter, Ex-CJ Mutunga took a sly dig at Ezekiel Mutua telling him to leave the youngins alone.

Wacha vijana wacheze bwana! Wewe endelea kucheza Twist na Kung Fu!” [“Let the youth continue playing/dancing! You keep playing/dancing to Twist and Kung Fu!”]

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