“We Go on Holidays With Our Househelps,” Says Lulu Hassan

August 6, 2019

TV celebrity couple Lulu Hassan and her husband Rashid Abdalla recently celebrated 10 years of marriage.

During that time, they have been blessed with two boys and more recently, a baby girl. Speaking to Word Is, Lulu was asked how she has managed to juggle between work and family.

Our house helps have helped me in raising my kids, and that is how I can juggle between work and family,” she said.

According to the Citizen TV Swahili news presenter, how employers treat their house helps makes all the difference.

“Like for us, we do everything together, including going for holidays,” Lulu revealed.

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Speaking about her marriage, Lulu said, “The journey has been great because we are friends more than husband and wife.”

She also noted that, “No plans to get another child.”

On the lessons she has learnt from her marriage with Rashid Abdalla, Lulu said they include the need to always learn to understand each other and solving issues before going to sleep.

“To the young people, don’t get married since you see my marriage as perfect, but instead know what you want to achieve from that marriage because people are different,” she said.

Asked how they solve their differences, Lulu said she can’t remember the last time they quarreled.

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