Nyasuguta Quits Comedy for Church Ministry After Surviving Two Road Accidents

August 27, 2019

Kenyan comedian and actress Eunice Wambui alias Nyasuguta has reportedly found her calling in the church.

Nyasuguta, who also tried her hand at politics, says she is joining church ministry away from doing comedy in a bid to strengthen her relationship with God.

According to the former Embakasi South parliamentary aspirant, her turning point was a road accident she was involved in about a month ago.

“God is preparing me to be bigger and go for missions to serve him and people. I will be serving God more than doing comedy. It[accident] was a way He was preparing me to start ministering,” she said.

Nyasuguta noted it is the second time she has survived an accident and it is an opportunity to serve God. The first accident happened in 2013.

“I know I got the accident to be able to get time with my God, You know we celebs sometimes, we become so busy that we even forget to serve God.”

“When I was admitted to the hospital, I got time to even read the Bible. Sometimes, when the pastor is preaching and they see like the church is boring, they tend to invite us to entertain the congregation. Hadi unasahau ulikuja church kuomba,” Nyasuguta said as quoted by Star.

Nyasuguta will reportedly be ministering alongside her TV husband, Francis Njenga alais Mogaka.

“We want to start poaching souls to Christ,” she said.

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