Live Soccer Results: Europa League Qualification

August 29, 2019

These days, the attention of football fans from all around the world is riveted to the qualifying stage of the Europa League. It will determine the best teams to compete for the Cup. Do not forget that now it is very easy to monitor the latest events of the rounds – you just should use the live soccer results section to do this. Here you will fins are all the important events from the world of football!

At the moment, some of the most spectacular matches of the qualification stage have been held. So far, the following teams have distinguished themselves:

  • Espanyol;
  • Wolverhampton;
  • Rangers;
  • Gent;
  • Aris;
  • AZ Alkmaar;
  • Hapoel Beer Sheva.

At the same time, Espanyol club’s soccer live results attracted special attention of the fans. This team has all the chances of getting into the Europa League.

What does Espanyol have for Europa League?

More recently, the club has changed the coach. Now this position is held by David Gallego. The new leader received his main experience in the second team. No wonder he has no head start. In the event of a failure, Gallego will not be given a second chance – most likely, this is where his career as head coach of the Parrots will end. For this reason, it is so important for Gallego to prove himself in the League. In addition, the situation of the club is defined by the following facts:

  1. The previous season, Espanyol surpassed itself. The start of the season was extremely unsuccessful – a series of protracted losses. At this stage, no one believed in the success of the team. However, the players managed to pull themselves together and showed excellent results in the match against Atletico, scoring three goals. As a result, the club received the coveted ticketto the Europa League.
  2. The losses in the lineup was not as huge as expected. Two important players left the team, Hermoso and Iglesias. At the same time, both deals were extremely successful financially – the club earned more than 50 million euros. In place of Hermoso, the management found a new player, Calero. But the search for the attacker continues to this day.
  3. Now the club uses all its strongest players that it has at its disposal. However, the winger and midfielder are still missing. It is also worth recalling that Javi Lopez, who is already 33, plays at the right defense. However, the defender is the team captain and an excellent leader.

At the same time, it is rather difficult to assess the prospects of the Parrots based on the past games. After all, their rivals at the qualification stage were noticeably weaker. However, the team took all the games extremely seriously, fearing to underestimate the enemy.

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