Juma Jux Regrets How He Reacted to Photos of Vanessa Mdee With Ice Pince

August 6, 2019

Apparently, photos that Vanessa Mdee took with Nigeria’s Ice Prince was the onset of her highly-publicized break-up with Juma Jux last year.

Juma has confessed that he regrets how he overreacted to the photos that Mdee posted on her Instagram page. This was when Mdee and Ice Prince worked on the song ‘No Mind Dem’.

Speaking in an interview with presenter B Dozen, Jux said he didn’t like the ‘intimate’ snaps and he lost it when he confronted Mdee about it.

He told B Dozen that he told Mdee to look for another man.

“I had traveled, I saw photos she took with Ice Prince. I was with friends and felt very embarrassed. I understood it’s work but I just lost it. She asked if she could delete the photos, I said no but that’s where our problems began. I jokingly asked her to look for another boyfriend. She said yes, but I regret it a lot, I should not have done that,” he recalled.

This also comes after Mdee recently opened up about how hurt she was when Juma paraded his new catch on Instagram.

“There is a level you can ignore something but it gets to a point you cannot anymore. I remember recently when the guy introduced his ‘Chinese’ lover, I felt something painful in my heart, I felt hurt,” she said.

Mdee, however, said that she remains good friends with her ex.“Juma and I parted ways a long time ago, nine months ago but we didn’t want to make it public because it would have affected a lot of people and besides that we still partners in several business ventures that we put together. We split yes, but we got nothing but respect for each other we still good friends. About his new girlfriend I also just found out via Instagram at the same time just like everybody else. Besides he is free to do his thing.”

Photos of Vanessa and Ic Prince:

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