Isaac Mwaura’s Wife Reveals How Women Seduce Her Senator Husband

August 30, 2019

The wife of nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura, Nelius Mukami Mwaura, has opened up about some of the challenges she faces as the spouse of a politician.

Speaking during an interview on TV, Mukami said she had experienced multiple incidents of women attempting to seduce her husband under the guise of seeking assistance.

There is this thing about men, I think they are not able to see when a woman is coming onto them. For example, for him, he is interested in helping people. He will go out of his way to help but there are some cases you will see and just know this person is not seeking for help but carrying out an agenda,” said Mukami.

She went on to narrate one such incident; “For example, a woman from Tharaka Nithi seeking bursary from him and I am like, she has no disability, she has an MP, a Women Rep and so many other alternatives before coming to him.”

Also on the panel were rapper Jua Cali’s wife Lily Asigo and comedian Terence Creative’s wife, Milly Chebby.

On her part, Asigo narrated how groupies go to great lengths to seduce the Genge rapper, including sending him nudes.

“I have witnessed it all by the time we got married in 2013. There were women sending him naked pictures and all manner of videos. Some of these were women we all know and I would call them but I decided to pursue my happiness and not go out looking for something bad,” Asigo said.

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