Bungoma Woman Kills Husband For Stealing, Spending Sh1000 on Alcohol

August 9, 2019

Police in Bungoma County have in their custody a middle-aged woman who is alleged to have killed her husband following a fight over money.

According to a report by Citizen Digital, the woman claimed that her husband, Ronald Simiyu Wekesa, stole Sh1,000 from her last week and he had declined to return the money.

On Wednesday evening, the husband reportedly returned home while drunk, with the wife accusing him of squandering the money on alcohol.

A heated disagreement ensued before the woman hit her 53-year-old husband with a blunt object on the head. She also cut him on the leg using a machete.

The couple’s neighbour said he heard a commotion in the house before the woman called him to see how “she had punished her husband for wasting her money.”

“His wife called me to see how she had punished Simiyu for using her money to drink. At first, I thought he had only been cut on the leg but when I moved closer, his head was lying in a pool of blood and he was also breathing heavily,” said the neighbour, identified as Patrick Kakai.

Simiyu was pronounced dead on arrival at Lugulu Mission Hospital. His brother, Bonaventure Wekesa, said, “We called an ambulance but as soon as it arrived we realized that my brother had passed on. We only carried his corpse.”

The suspect was detained at Mbakalo Police Station pending arraignment.

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