Vera Sidika’s Message to Haters Waiting For Her Breakup Drama With Tanzanian Bae

July 24, 2019

Vera Sidika is happily in love and nothing is going to kill her vibe.

This is the message she passed across in a social media statement addressing her haters and their negativity. Apparently, there are some salty people who are patiently waiting for the socialite’s next breakup drama.

Since introducing the new man in her life over a week ago, Vera Sidika’s Insta has been awash with posts of their intimate moments.

One of the more recent posts which seemingly made people feel some type of way is a video of Vera and her Tanzania doctor/musician bae Jimmy Chansa singing along to Nviiri’s hit song ‘Pombe Sigara’.


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Hours after posting the clip, Vera told her haters to keep waiting for  “break up drama that will never come”.

“The same people claiming they’re waiting for breakup drama are the same who said they are waiting for breakup drama with Senegalese guy..but they never saw it,” wrote Vera.

She added, “Just because it happened before doesn’t mean it’s a pattern. There are reasons to why things happened that way during that time and none of y’all will ever understand.”

Vera further stated that she is genuinely happy and blessed to have Jimmy Chansa.

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