This Pastor Wants Congregants to Carry New Notes to Church for Financial Breakthrough

July 5, 2019

Like our very own President Uhuru Kenyatta aptly put it, ‘Ile Upuzi ambao uko Kenya ni mwingi’. This loosely translates to, The nonsense that exists in Kenya is immense.

True to his words, Kenya is known to produce some eccentric characters, especially the so-called men and women of the cloth.

Pastors like Victor Kanyari, James Ng’ang’a, Prophet Owour are constantly embroiled in controversy as they continue to fill their bank accounts at the expense of religious and naive Kenyans.

Another preacher who is courting controversy is one Reverend Samson Muthui of the ATG Deliverance church in Mwiki, Kasarani.

Rev Samson has caught the attention of Kenyans on social media through a rather interesting poster inviting believers for a service this Sunday, July 7. Dubbed ‘New Currency Dedication Service’, the theme of the service will be financial breakthrough.

Church-goers are required to carry two notes of the same denomination of the newly-launched currency notes.

You simply can’t make this stuff up.

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