This Kibera Man Loves His Cockroaches Fried, Not Boiled

July 19, 2019

Because all manner of ‘Malimwengu ya Dunia’ stories only seem to happen in Kenya, there exists a man in Nairobi who feeds on the cockroaches in his house. Yup! Feeds on cockroaches.

In fact, Mr Geoffrey Lugaye from the slums of Kibera in Nairobi, likes his roaches fried. He has tried and tasted boiled cockroach but it just wasn’t for him.

What does cockroach taste like, perhaps you wonder?

Mr Lugaye, in a lunch date with NTV’s Olive Burrows, likened the taste of the indomitable insects to that of flying termites. Okay! This is getting interesting! Go on…

He also said that he prefers roaches over other meats like beef because they [cockroaches] are more sumptuous and they boost his immunity against diseases like the common cold that is currently going around in Nairobi. To be honest, I never thought I would ever use the words sumptuous and cockroaches in one sentence, but let’s go on.

Mr Lugaye, who is an artist and deals in policy science, also shared his favorite recipe with the journalists. Apparently, fried cockroaches go well with a dash of lime juice and a little frying oil, lest you sleep hungry or have to go the neighbour’s house to borrow some roaches. That would be awkward, wouldn’t it?

His favorite accompaniment? Ugali.

“I tried to boil them but I did not like it, I like them fried. Fried cockroach is it bro! Unaweka mafuta kidogo ukiweka mingi bado itamezwa yote, unaweka ndimu kidogo inasaidia digestion. Mende na ugali iko sawa sana,” he said in Swahili.

Watch the video below and see the genius hack Lugaye uses to catch cockroaches. At least, there is one person who is not one bit worried about his meat (not that meat, you guys) being laced with the toxic preservative Sodium Metabisulfite.

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