Tanzanian Singer Lulu Diva is “on the Lookout for an Old Kenyan Man”

July 8, 2019

Controversial Tanzanian musician Lulu Diva is searching for a Kenyan man to date. Her only condition? The man must be old.

“Right now, I am on the lookout for a Kenyan man. And not just any man, but older, more experienced and one whom I won’t bump into in the clubs,” she said.

Adding, “Kenyan men are generally hardworking, smart and sharp when it comes to business. But I want an older man because I am still in my foolish years and want to do much more foolishness. An older man who has seen it all will understand and we won’t be competing.”

The singer, who was on a media tour in Kenya to promote her new song ‘Mapopo’, also spoke about her relationship with Jaguar. The singer turned MP was once Lulu’s manager here in Kenya and they were even rumored to be dating.

“I miss Mheshimiwa. The streets miss Jaguar’s music, but we have to accept reality.”

She was further quoted; “He is an easy person to deal with. He understands me. He supports me and since he has been in the game for long, he has the connections. Lakini yeye kwa sasa mdosi!”

On Jaguar’s recent utterances about deporting foreigners working in Kenya, Lulu Diva said the Starehe MP was right.

“He is speaking for his people. He wants his people to have the priority that is being given to others. In fact, that’s the true work of a politician.

“It happens everywhere, even in Tanzania. We don’t like it when foreigners come to take opportunities that are ours. Even (Paul) Makonda (Dar Es Salaam’s Regional Commissioner) is like that,” she said.

The former beauty pageant also spoke about her plans to work with Kenyan artistes.

“I’ve done a project with Khaligraph. We are in the process of discussing how to go about the video. I want to work with Avril, Gabu and my friend Vivian,” she added.

Lulu Diva is also set to drop an album later this year.

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