‘Tano Tena’ Singer Ben Githae Defends New ‘Political’ Song, “It is Written From Scripture”

June 12, 2019

Gospel musician Ben Githae has a new song out which he says is written from scripture but has a political message.

The song is titled ‘Thutha Wa Hema’ (Behind the Tent). The ‘Tano Tena’ hitmaker says the song is inspired by the current political differences in Central Kenya.

“The song is written from the scripture, just that it has a political message. It is a message for people to go behind the ‘tent’ and agree. Basically, I am telling them to have a dialogue together because two cannot walk together unless they agree,” says Ben Githae.

According to Githae, ‘Thutha Wa Hema’ seeks to unite differing political factions in Central such as the ‘Kieleweke’ and ‘Tanga Tanga’.

“Currently, in Mt Kenya region, people are so divided, with groups like Kieleweke, Tanga Tanga, among other groups. And so the need to come up with the song to ask them to reason together so we find where the problem is,” explained Githae.

The musician noted that the song has not been sponsored by a politician.

Check out ‘Thutha wa Hema’ below.

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