Joy Doreen Recalls Falling into Pan of Boiling Water as a Child: “My Brother Pushed Me”

June 12, 2019

Just like gospel musician Kambua, TV presenter Joy Doreen Biira too fell in hot water as a child. And just like Kambua, the former KTN news anchor was just three years old when the incident happened.

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Joy Doreen Biira recounted her ordeal while responding to a viral Instagram post by Evaline Momanyi about her daughter getting burnt with hot water last week.

The Ugandan journalist based in Kenya recalled how her brother pushed her as they were tussling over a salt-shaker.

“When I was 3 or 3&half. My immediate elder brother and I were eating mangoes on the kitchen table as we watching our auntie Karen (RIP) make lunch. Don’t remember what she was cooking on the oven cooker but she was also boiling drinking water on a lower coil that water close to where we were seated. So my brother and I were tussling for the salt shaker when my brother pushed me off the seat and boom into the pan boiling water,” she wrote.

Luckily for Doreen, her father was a doctor and had taught her brother First Aid. “I just remember bits and pieces of the incident – my auntie flogging my brother with her eyes red mad. My eldest brother lifting me and putting me in the bathtub with cold water as they called our dad. Thank God he was a practicing medical Doctor at the time (he’s retired now)” said Biira, adding that she spent some weeks in hospital.

“I don’t remember what happened after that but I was told I spent some weeks in hospital. If my big brother had not put me in that cold water in the tub I think my burns would have been bad. It’s hard to tell right now that I ever even got burned by water when I was little.”

In conclusion, Doreen urged, “Train your family on first aid our big brother then was about 13 and thank God, Dad had taught him something about first aid coz my auntie was all kinds of panic in that moment (I was told).”

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