Stranded Passengers Spend Night in Bus After Driver, Tout Flee

June 17, 2019

Passengers traveling from Nairobi to Busia were on Saturday night left stranded after the crew of the bus they were traveling in fled the scene following a mechanical breakdown.

One of the passengers – Sellie Ondiso –told Citizen Digital that the bus, registration number KBJ 732 R from TCB Sacco, left the country bus station at around 10 pm Saturday night.

The vehicle, however, started experiencing mechanical difficulties immediately the journey began; it would come to a stop at road bumps and force the crew to push it over, Ms Ondiso said.

She said the bus stopped moving when they got to University of Nairobi Kenya Science Campus on Ngong’ Road at about midnight.

“The bus driver and conductor then told us that they were going to bring another vehicle onto which we would be transferred so as to continue with the journey but they never came back,” said Ms Ondiso, adding, “We tried contacting the police for help but they told us that that is not their work.”

A majority of the passengers, among them four high school students expected in school by 4 pm Sunday, were forced to spend the night in the bus.

Traffic police officers who arrived at the scene on Sunday morning told Citizen Digital the bus would be towed to Kilimani Police Station as they look for alternative means to transport the passengers.

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